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Activist Algorithms

Algorithms are ubiquitous in our digital experience. Algorithms are mathematical formulas usually designed by engineers, computer scientists, programmers and hackers, among others. Some of the most “well-known” algorithms are designed and constantly improved by “data empires” (such as Google, Facebook, etc.) which keep them well guarded secrets since it is at the basis of their […]

The Queerness of a Feminist Server: Building Resistance Communication Technologies

The Queerness of a Feminist Server: Building Resistance Communication Technologies According to the Merriam Webster’s Dictionary a server is defined as “a computer in a network that is used to provide services (as access to files or shared peripherals or the routing of e-mail) to other computers in the network”. This technical and somewhat neutral […]

Trans Hack Feminist (THF!) Report is out!

The TransHackFeminist (THF!) Convergence report is a summary of activities that were held in Calafou (Catalogna) in August 2014. The content presented and produced during the THF! 2014 and illustrated in the below report broadly fits into three main themes that we describe in the report: Embodied Theories, Performative Tactics and Liberating Technologies. The THF! […]


English follows Le Collectif FemHack vous invite à FemCrypt!  – Un atelier sur le cryptage des courriels 8 fevrier, 1214, de la montagne Contexte L’objectif de cet atelier est de vous introduire aux concepts de chiffrement et du cryptage des communications électroniques (encryption, en anglais) et de vous initier à la pratique de cryptage des […]

Feminist free software mutual help workshop

English below Le FemHack offre un atelier feministe d’entraide en logiciel libre ce dimanche. FemHack offers a feminist free software mutual help workshop this week-end (english below) *Dimanche 25 janvier – 13:00-16h00 : Atelier d’entraide en informatique libre, **@ Lapasse, ** 1214 rue de la Montagne* Confirmez votre participation : *Contexte* L’informatique libre favorise […]