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Tunisia 2015 – World Social Forum – World Forum on Free Media

Training “Including gender: New approaches to privacy and digital security”
Tactical Tech, in collaboration with RITIMO and Media@McGill, are organising a 10-hour training (2 hrs/day) for up to 3o women and trans people to learn tools and techniques for increasing their understanding and practice in digital security and privacy; and to transfer their knowledge towards their organisations and communities.

Tactical Technology Collective (TTC) is an international non-governmental organisation that trains rights advocates to deploy information and communications technologies – social media tools, mobile phones, digital security and information design. Ritimo is a network of information and documentation for
international solidarity and sustainable development. They also promote the appropriation and use of free digital tools for both local and global citizen initiatives that contribute to the construction of fair and sustainable societies. Media@McGill is a hub of research, scholarship and public outreach on issues and controversies in media, technology and culture.
When is it?
March 22-27, 2015.
Tunisia, World Forum on Free Media at the World Social Forum
Who is the event for?
This is for influential and vocal women and trans people, who are women’s and/or LGTBI rights defenders and activists, and who would like to be trained in digital security and privacy in order to strengthen their work and that of the local networks/organisations they are related to. Note that we do not ask for any
previous knowledge on privacy and digital security. If you have no experience at all but feel those topics are interesting and important for your work and activism, please do not doubt in applying.

What will happen there?
• The training will run for two hours per day for the period of 5 days. This will allow you to attend other events and activities of the World Social Forum, and at the same time increase your understanding and skills in digital security and privacy.
• The training will be delivered by three trainers mastering different dimensions of privacy and digital security. We will draft the agenda proposal once we have reviewed all the received applications.
• Notions such as risk analysis, encryption, anonymity, digital shadows, online identities, social media, tackling on-line violence and also how to develop feminist principles in the Internet will be addressed during the encounter.
How much will this cost me?
There is no cost, the training is free of charge. We are only asking for your commitment to attend the 5 days of the training.
Will there be interpreters?
The training will be delivered in English, however as the team of trainers also speak Arabic, French and Spanish we will be able to translate when certain aspects are not well understood, in the same way you will be able to ask us questions or contribute to the conversation in Arabic, French and Spanish if you feel more at ease expressing yourself.
Where can I sign up?
Please register here:

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