A Global F3mHack On May 23!

On saturday 23th of May, we will organise a feminist hackaton all over the 
world. Some activities will begin before and end after that day but on the 
23th, we will pass the baton across different time zones and dedicate our 
global feminist hackaton to Sabeen Mahmud murdered in Pakistan the 24 of 
April 2015. We will use the hashtag #femhack to spread about what is 
going on in different social media platforms. If you want to join and 
propose an activity dealing with gender and technology, privacy and 
surveillance, digital security, hacking gender, software or hardware you
 just have to involve a local feminist group/organisation/collective, 
decide on an activity and submit a proposal in the following template. 
All activities will appear on the openstreetmap below and we will connect 
all of you sending you an invitation to join our moderated mailing list.

We are building this from the ground up! Come and join us 
in imagining, crafting and developing the “opting out” button(s) for 
feminist and post-colonial resistance online and offline. Alone we can 
not do it, but together we can change many things, this is not a one time 
stand alone feminist hackaton, this is just one of our many beginnings 
together, a swarm of cyborgs and embedded desires, we come from the 
internet and we will take back the tech and the streets. The 
revolution will also be feminist or it will not be!

For more info visit: https://f3mhack.org/index.php/en/